ODBC Output Engine Configuration Parameters

The ODBC output engine inserts information produced by HPE Media Server into an external database, through ODBC.

Configuration Parameter Description
EventTrack The track to use as the event track (for bounded or event output modes).
Input A comma-separated list of the tracks that contain information that you want to output to the database.
Labels A comma-separated list of labels (key/value pairs) to add to the output produced by HPE Media Server.
Mode The output mode, which specifies how to combine information.
OdbcConnectionString The ODBC connection string to use to connect to the database.
OdbcDriverManager The path of the ODBC driver manager shared library. Not required if you are running HPE Media Server on Windows.
OutputInterval The amount of video content represented by each set of transactions (when you use time output mode).
SavePostXML Specifies whether to save a copy of the data produced by the XSL transformation.
SavePreXML Specifies whether to save records received by the output engine.
Type The type of output engine to use. Set this parameter to ODBC.
XMLOutputPath The path and file name for pre- and post- XML files.
XSLTemplate The XSL template to apply to the pre-XML output to transform it into SQL transactions.