Macros: Time Formats

Time Format Description Example
iso8601 The full timestamp in ISO 8601 format. 2015-11-03T15:30:47.931493Z
date The date (YYYY-MM-DD). 2015-11-03
time The time. 15:30:47.931493
timestamp The full timestamp in the format YYYYMMDD-HHNNSS 20151103-153047
year The year, as four digits. 2015
month The month, as two digits. 11
day The day, as two digits. 03
hour The hour, as two digits in 24-hour format. 15
minute The minute, as two digits. 30
second The second, as two digits. 47
second_with_fractional The second and fraction of a second. 47.931493

If macros are used in file paths, illegal characters such as colons are replaced with underscores.