The output image size in pixels (width followed by height).

To maintain the aspect ratio of the original image, specify either a width or height and set the other dimension to zero, for example:

The following delimiters for the width and height are all acceptable: 160,90 160x90 160X90 160:90.


Consider using the scale transformation engine to change the size of images. The scale transformation engine also modifies the metadata that describes the position of objects in the video frame, so that the positions are correct for the scaled image. For example, when you resize images of faces, the metadata that describes the bounding box around the face is also scaled. If you scale images using this parameter, the metadata will match the original image, not the scaled image.

Type: List of integers
Default: 0,0 (image is saved at its original size)
Allowed Range: Minimum: 50,50
Required: No
Configuration Section: TaskName
Example: ImageSize=320,240
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