Combine Engine Configuration Parameters

The Combine ESP engine identifies related events in different tracks and creates an output track where the information from all of the tracks is combined into a single output record.

This engine differs from the And engine because:

Configuration Parameter Description
Input0 The first input track. The output track contains one record for every record in this track.
InputN The names of tracks that contain information that you want to combine with information from the input track specified by Input0.
LuaScript The path of a Lua script that contains a function to determine whether a record from an InputN track should be included in the output track.
MaxTimeInterval The maximum interval from a record in the Input0 track to a record in another track.
MinTimeInterval The minimum interval from a record in the Input0 to a record in another track.
Type The type of ESP engine to use. Set this parameter to Combine.

Output Tracks

This engine produces a single output track, named TaskName.Output.