The interval, in milliseconds, at which HPE Media Server checks the database for new training data when ScheduledSync=periodic.

When you train HPE Media Server, the HPE Media Server database is updated with new training data. However, HPE Media Server does not use this training data in analysis operations until it has synchronized with the database.


By default, HPE Media Server also synchronizes with the database before beginning a Process action. This behavior is controlled by the SyncDatabase parameter, which can be set for analysis tasks that use the database.

Process actions can begin while synchronization is in progress, so SyncDatabase=TRUE (the default value) ensures that synchronization is complete before a process action starts.

You can also force HPE Media Server to synchronize with the database at any time by running the actions SyncFaces, SyncDetectors, SyncObjects, and SyncClassifiers.

For more information about configuring how HPE Media Server synchronizes with the database, refer to the HPE Media Server Administration Guide.

Type: Integer
Default: 1000
Required: No
Configuration Section: Database
Example: SyncInterval=60000
See Also: ScheduledSync