Speaker Identification

Speaker identification identifies the gender of speakers and identifies speakers that IDOL Speech Server has been trained to recognize. This section describes the parameters that you can use to configure speaker identification.

Configuration Parameter Description
ErrorMessage The message that appears in the results when HPE Media Server cannot connect to an IDOL Speech Server.
Input The audio track to process.
MaxConsecutiveTries The maximum number of attempts that HPE Media Server makes to connect to the servers listed in the SpeakerIDServers parameter.
ModelType The type of speaker identification task to run.
SampleFrequency The sample frequency of the audio to send to the IDOL Speech Server.
SpeakerIDServers A list of IDOL Speech Servers to use for speaker identification.
TemplateSet The path to the audio template set file to use for speaker identification.
Type The analysis engine to use. Set this parameter to SpeakerID.
UseLegacyAction (Deprecated) Specifies whether to use legacy speaker identification.

Output Tracks

Output track Type Description
Result SpeakerIdResult Contains a record for each section of audio spoken by a different speaker.


Field name Type Description
id UUID A universally unique identifier to identify the section of audio described by the record.
speakerName TextData The name of the speaker.
gender TextData The gender of the speaker.
confidence Int The confidence score for speaker identification.