When you train HPE Media Server, your training database is updated with new training data. However, analysis tasks do not use this training data until HPE Media Server has synchronized with the database.

This parameter specifies whether HPE Media Server synchronizes with the database before beginning the analysis task. To ensure that image classification uses the latest training that is available when the process action begins, set this parameter to TRUE.


You can configure HPE Media Server to synchronize with the database on a schedule by setting the parameter ScheduledSync to periodic. However, setting SyncDatabase=TRUE ensures that synchronization is complete before analysis starts.


You can force HPE Media Server to synchronize with the database by running the action SyncClassifiers.


If you are processing a long video file or a stream, and you want to synchronize with the latest training while processing continues, use the action SyncClassifiers or set the configuration parameter ScheduledSync to periodic.

To start analysis without synchronizing with the latest training, set this parameter to FALSE. Synchronizing with the latest training might not be necessary if you have already run the action SyncClassifiers (and waited for it to complete), or if there have been no changes to the training data.

Type: Boolean
Default: True
Required: No
Configuration Section: TaskName
Example: SyncDatabase=TRUE
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