The languages that you expect to appear in the text. Set this parameter to a comma-separated list of ISO 639-1 language codes. This instructs HPE Media Server to expect characters from the appropriate character sets (as a subset of the FontType), and specifies the dictionaries to use.

In addition to ISO 639-1 language codes you can specify the value ASCII. This option detects only ASCII characters and has no language-specific dictionary. This option is useful if you want to match text against a known list of words or codes, that use only ASCII characters and are defined in a custom dictionary.

You can add additional characters to the expected character set(s) with the parameter Whitelist, remove characters from the character set(s) with the parameter Blacklist, and configure additional dictionaries by setting the parameter UserDictionary.

The OCR-A, OCR-B, and Bloomberg Terminal font types only support languages that use the Latin alphabet.

This parameter is ignored if you set FontType=e13b or FontType=fa7b.

For a list of supported languages and their language codes, refer to the HPE Media Server Administration Guide.

Type: String
Default: en
Required: No
Configuration Section: TaskName
Example: Languages=en,fr,ja
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