The Enroll task adds images to your training database.

For example, you can run face recognition on a video stream and add all unrecognized faces (those with recognition confidence scores below a certain threshold) to the database.


This task modifies the HPE Media Server training database. To use this task, you must send the process action from a machine that is specified by the AdminClients configuration parameter.

Configuration Parameter Description
Database The name of the database to add images to.
Identifier The identifier to add images to.
ImageLabel The label to use for an image that is added to the database (maximum 254 bytes).
Input The track that contains the images to enroll.
Module The module to enroll images for.
NumParallel The maximum number of images to add to the database concurrently.
PostAction Specifies what HPE Media Server should do after enrolling an image in the database.
PostSyncDatabase Specifies whether HPE Media Server should synchronize with the training database after enrolling an image.
Type The analysis engine to use. Set this parameter to Enroll.

Output Tracks

Output track Type Description Output1This column indicates whether the information contained in the track is included by default in the output created by an output task (when you don't set the Input parameter for the output task).
Result EnrollResult Contains a record for every item added to the database. If an error occurred, the record describes the error. Yes