A template to use to construct the URL of every media segment in a playlist.

The value of this parameter should include "http://" and the host name and port of the web server that serves items in an HLS playlist to a media player. The value to use depends on how you have configured the web server that serves video from your rolling buffer. Setting this action parameter overrides the value set by the MediaSegmentTemplate configuration parameter in the rolling buffer configuration file.

You should only need to set this parameter if your media player sends requests to an application in front of HPE Media Server.

You can include the following macros in the template:

Macro Description Example Value
{stream} The name of the stream. News
{rollingBufferRelativePathToTsFile} The relative path to the transport stream file in the rolling buffer. 143/5/750453/stream1_VIDEO_ENG_1435750453.ts
{byteStart} The start point for the segment (as a byte-range). 1024000
{byteEnd} The end point for the segment (as a byte-range). 2048000
Actions: AddStream, EditStream, GetPlaylist
Type: String
Default: The value of MediaSegmentTemplate
Example: MediaSegmentTemplate=http://webserver/{stream}/Video/{rollingBufferRelativePathToTsFile}?range=bytes={byteStart}-{byteEnd}
See Also: VariantSegmentTemplate