Returns an HLS playlist for content in the rolling buffer. An HLS-compliant media player can use the playlist to play back video from the rolling buffer.

Type: synchronous

Parameter Description Required
Duration The duration of the playlist. You can use this parameter when you specify a start time, but if you set the Offset parameter, any duration is ignored. No
Format Specifies whether to return the playlist as text or encapsulated in XML. No
HLSVersion Specifies whether to return a HLS version 4 playlist. No
LiveURL The URL to use to play live video. The value you set for this parameter is included in the playlist in the #HP-LIVE-URL field and is used by the HPE Media Player. No
MediaSegmentTemplate A string that describes how to build the URL for a media segment in a playlist No
MinimumSegments The minimum number of segments that are contained in the returned playlist. No
Offset Specifies the start time of the playlist by calculating an offset from the current time. For example, if you specify an offset of one hour, the start time for the playlist is one hour ago. Specify the offset as a time duration. Set this parameter or StartTime
SegmentLength The length of the segments to divide the video into (in seconds). No
StartTime The start time of the playlist in ISO 8601 format or epoch milliseconds. Set this parameter or Offset
Stream The name of the rolling buffer to create the playlist from. Yes
VariantSegmentTemplate A string that describes how to build the URL for a getPlaylist action in a playlist No

You must specify one of the following combinations of parameters:



This action retrieves a playlist from HPE Media Server. The playlist specifies the content for the BBCNews rolling buffer for five minutes from 16:27:54 PM on 21 February 2014.


A sample response appears below. There is no XML as by default format=m3u8.