Vehicle Model Recognition

This section describes the actions that you can use to train vehicle model recognition.


Apart from ListVehicleMakes, ListVehicleModelDatabases, ListVehicleModels, and GetVehicleModelImage, all of these actions are administrative actions that can be sent only from AdminClients.

AddVehicleModelImages Adds training images to a vehicle model.
AddVehicleModelMetadata Adds custom metadata (a key-value pair) to a vehicle model.
BuildAllVehicleModels Trains HPE Media Server to recognize any vehicle models that exist in its database and need training.
BuildVehicleModel Trains HPE Media Server to recognize a vehicle model.
CreateVehicleModelDatabase Creates a new, empty, database to store vehicle models for vehicle model recognition.
GetVehicleModelImage Returns a training image associated with a vehicle model.
ListVehicleMakes Lists the vehicle makes that HPE Media Server has been pre-trained to recognize.
ListVehicleModelDatabases Lists the databases that have been created to store vehicle models.
ListVehicleModels Returns a list of vehicle models in a specified database.
MoveVehicleModel Moves a vehicle model from one database to another.
MoveVehicleModelImage Moves a training image from one vehicle model to another.
NewVehicleModel Adds a new vehicle model to a database of vehicle models.
NullVehicleModelImageData Removes (deletes) images from a vehicle model, but does not remove the training generated from those images.
RelabelVehicleModelImage Relabels a vehicle model image.
RemoveVehicleModel Removes (deletes) an existing vehicle model.
RemoveVehicleModelDatabase Removes (deletes) a database that stores vehicle models.
RemoveVehicleModelImages Removes training images from a vehicle model.
RemoveVehicleModelMetadata Removes custom metadata (a key-value pair) from a vehicle model.
RenameVehicleModel Changes the identifier for a vehicle model that you have already added to a database.
RenameVehicleModelDatabase Renames a database that stores vehicle models.
SetVehicleMake Associates a vehicle model with a vehicle make.
SyncVehicleModels Forces HPE Media Server to synchronize with the latest vehicle model training in the database.
TrainVehicleModel Train HPE Media Server to recognize a vehicle model with a single action.
UnsyncVehicleModels Removes all vehicle model recognition training from memory (does not affect the database).
UpdateVehicleModelMetadata Updates the value of a key-value pair in the custom metadata of a vehicle model.