Object Detection

This section describes the actions that you can use to train object detection.


Apart from ListDetectors and ListDetectionClasses, all of these actions are administrative actions that can be sent only from AdminClients.

AddDetectionClassMetadata Adds custom metadata (a key-value pair) to a class.
ImportDetector Imports an existing detector into your training database.
ListDetectionClasses Returns a list of classes in a specified detector.
ListDetectors Lists the detectors that you have created for use with object detection.
RemoveDetectionClassMetadata Removes custom metadata (a key-value pair) from a class.
RemoveDetector Removes (deletes) a detector that was created for object detection.
RenameDetector Renames a detector that is used for object detection.
SyncDetectors Forces HPE Media Server to synchronize with the latest training in the database.
UnsyncDetectors Removes all object detection training from memory (does not affect the database).
UpdateDetectionClassMetadata Updates the value of a key-value pair in the custom metadata of a class.