Image Classification

This section describes the actions that you can use to train image classification.


Apart from ListClassifiers, ListClasses, and GetClassImage, all of these actions are administrative actions that can be sent only from AdminClients.

AddClassImages Adds training images to an object class.
AddClassMetadata Adds custom metadata (a key-value pair) to an object class.
BuildClassifier Trains a classifier so that it can be used for image classification.
CreateClass Adds a new object class to a classifier.
CreateClassifier Creates a new, empty, classifier for use with image classification.
GetClassImage Returns a training image associated with an object class.
ImportClassifier Imports an existing classifier into your training database.
ListClasses Returns a list of object classes in a specified classifier.
ListClassifiers Lists the classifiers that you have created for use with image classification.
MoveClassImage Moves a training image from one object class to another.
RelabelClassImage Relabels an object class training image.
RemoveClass Removes (deletes) an existing object class from a classifier.
RemoveClassifier Removes (deletes) a classifier created for image classification.
RemoveClassImages Removes training images from an object class.
RemoveClassMetadata Removes custom metadata (a key-value pair) from an object class.
RenameClass Changes the identifier for an object class that you have already added to a classifier.
RenameClassifier Renames a classifier that is used for image classification.
SetClassifierTrainingOption Sets the value of a training option that is applied to a classifier.
SyncClassifiers Forces HPE Media Server to synchronize with the latest object class training data in the database.
UnsetClassifierTrainingOption Removes a training option that has been applied to a classifier.
UnsyncClassifiers Removes all image classification training from memory (does not affect the database).
UpdateClassMetadata Updates the value of a key-value pair in the custom metadata of an object class.