Face Recognition

This section describes the actions that you can use to train face recognition.


Apart from ListFaceDatabases, ListFaces, and GetFaceImage, all of these actions are administrative actions that can be sent only from AdminClients.

AddFaceImages Adds training images to a face.
AddFaceMetadata Adds custom metadata (a key-value pair) to a face.
BuildAllFaces Trains HPE Media Server to recognize any faces that exist in its database and need training.
BuildFace Trains HPE Media Server to recognize a face.
CreateFaceDatabase Creates a new, empty, database to store faces for face recognition.
GetFaceImage Returns a training image associated with a face.
ListFaceDatabases Lists the databases that have been created to store faces for use with face recognition.
ListFaces Returns a list of faces in a specified database.
MoveFace Moves a face from one database to another.
MoveFaceImage Moves a training image from one face to another.
NewFace Adds a new face to a database of faces.
NullFaceImageData Removes (deletes) face images from a face, but does not remove the training generated from those images.
RelabelFaceImage Relabels a face image.
RemoveFace Removes (deletes) an existing face.
RemoveFaceDatabase Removes (deletes) a database that stores faces.
RemoveFaceImages Removes training images from a face.
RemoveFaceMetadata Removes custom metadata (a key-value pair) from a face.
RenameFace Changes the identifier for a face that you have already added to a database.
RenameFaceDatabase Renames a database that stores faces.
SyncFaces Forces HPE Media Server to synchronize with the latest face training data in the database.
TrainFace Train HPE Media Server to recognize a face with a single action.
UnsyncFaces Removes all face recognition training from memory (does not affect the database).
UpdateFaceMetadata Updates the value of a key-value pair in the custom metadata of a face.