Forces HPE Media Server to synchronize its image comparison training with the latest data in the database.

When you train HPE Media Server, the database is updated with new training data. However, HPE Media Server does not use this training in analysis operations until it has synchronized with the database.


HPE Media Server automatically synchronizes with the database. You can configure the interval between each synchronization using the configuration parameter SyncInterval. You can also configure whether HPE Media Server synchronizes with the database before beginning an analysis operation, by setting the configuration parameter SyncDatabase.

You might use this action if you want to run analysis immediately after training. HPE Media Server continues running process actions while synchronization takes place, so to ensure an image comparison analysis task uses the latest training, run SyncImageComparisonReferences and wait for synchronization to complete before starting the task with the Process action.

Type: synchronous

Parameter Description Required
database The name of the image comparison database that you want HPE Media Server to synchronize with. If you do not set this parameter, HPE Media Server synchronizes with all image comparison databases. No