Sets the value of a training option that is applied to an object. Training options configure how HPE Media Server creates recognition models from the training images that you supply.

You can set the following training options:

Key Description Possible Values Default
3D Specifies whether the object is a three-dimensional object. True / False False
boundaryFeatures Specifies whether there are important features at the edges of the training images. True / False False
useColor Specifies whether HPE Media Server adds color information from the training images into the models that it creates for detection. True / False False

Setting a training option invalidates all training associated with an object. After using this action, you must retrain HPE Media Server by running the action BuildObject.

Type: synchronous

Parameter Description Required
database The name of the database that contains the object. Yes
identifier The identifier of the object for which you want to set a training option. Yes
key The name of the training option to set. Yes
value The value for the training option. Yes


This example sets the useColor training option to TRUE: