Removes (deletes) images from an object, but does not remove the training generated from those images. This means that the object can still be recognized but the training images are no longer stored in the database.

Removing the training images means that the training cannot be updated in future. If future versions of HPE Media Server feature enhancements to object recognition that require retraining, you will need to retrain by supplying new images.

Type: synchronous

Parameter Description Required
database The name of the database that contains the object. Yes
identifier The identifier of the object for which you want to remove images. Yes
imagelabels A comma-separated list of image labels that specifies the images to remove. If you do not set this parameter, HPE Media Server removes all of the images associated with the object. No





See Also

To remove images from an object, and remove the training associated with those images, use the action RemoveObjectImages.