Trains HPE Media Server to recognize a vehicle model.

You can only run this action after creating a vehicle model (using the action NewVehicleModel), and adding suitable images (using the action AddVehicleModelImages). For a step-by-step guide that demonstrates how to train vehicle model recognition, refer to the HPE Media Server Administration Guide.

Type: asynchronous

Parameter Description Required
database The name of the database that contains the vehicle model. Yes
identifier The identifier of the model that you want to train HPE Media Server to recognize. Yes
numparallel The maximum number of threads that the action can use (default 1). No




This action is asynchronous, so HPE Media Server always returns success accompanied by a token:


You can use this token with the QueueInfo action to retrieve the status of the action:

        <queued_time>2016-Sep-15 18:13:07</queued_time>
        <process_start_time>2016-Sep-15 18:13:08</process_start_time>
        <process_end_time>2016-Sep-15 18:13:08</process_end_time>