Adds training images to a vehicle model.

Type: synchronous

Parameter Description Required
database The name of the database that contains the vehicle model. Yes
identifier The identifier of the vehicle model that you want to add training images to. Yes
imagedata The training images to add. Files must be uploaded as multipart/form-data. For more information about sending data to HPE Media Server, refer to the HPE Media Server Administration Guide. Set this or imagepath
imagelabels A comma-separated list of labels to identify the images that you are adding (maximum 254 bytes for each label). Every image added to the same vehicle model must have a unique label, so the number of labels must match the number of images provided using either imagedata or imagepath. If you do not set this parameter, HPE Media Server generates labels automatically. No
imagepath A comma-separated list of paths to the training images to add. The paths must be absolute, or relative to the HPE Media Server executable file. Set this or imagedata


The following example adds a training image to a vehicle model by specifying the path of the image using the imagepath parameter:


Alternatively, you can add training images by sending the image data, for example:

curl http://localhost:14000 -F action=AddVehicleModelImages
                            -F database=Cars
                            -F identifier=FordFocusRS
                            -F imagedata=@focus-rs-front.png
                            -F imagelabels=focus-rs-front


The response returns the labels assigned to the training images:


See Also

After adding training images for a vehicle model, you can train HPE Media Server to recognize the vehicle model by running the action BuildVehicleModel.