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Set up the Field Index Process
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Configure IDOL Server for Language and to Encode
Optimize Index Process
Index Process
Delayed Synchronization
Process Data before you Index
Pre-index Tasks
Set up Pre-index Tasks
Perform an ACI Action
Set up an ACI Task
Alert Users to New Content
Set up an Alert Task
Create Templates for E-mail Alerts
Categorize Data
Set up a Cat Task
Edit or Remove Fields
Set up a FieldOp Task
Write Files to Disk
Set up a FileWriter Task
Send an HTTP Call to a Web Interface
Set up an HTTP Task
Check OCR Document Quality
Set up an OCR Task
Route Documents to Different Tasks
Set up a Route Task
Index Data into IDOL
Set up an Index Task
Use Add2Replace
Set up an Add2Replace Task
Use Lua Script Index Tasks
Configure a Lua Indexing Task
Write a Lua Index Task
Change the Value of a Field
Find the Name of a Field
Add a Field
Add an Attribute to a Field
Example Script
Process Documents with Repeated Fields
Use Failover for Pre-index Tasks
Set up Failover IndexTasks
Index Data
Index Overview
DREADD: Index IDX and XML Files Directly
DREADD Parameters
DREADD Examples
Specify Field Names
DREADDDATA: Index Data over a Socket
Send Data with a POST Method
Index Stop Words
Index Nonalphanumeric Characters
Term Separators
Index Nonalphanumeric Characters for Retrieval
Hyphenated Terms
Character Tokenization
Prevent Duplicate Documents
Deduplication Options—KillDuplicates and IndexMode
Enable Deduplication for all Index Jobs
Enable Deduplication for Individual Index Jobs
Enable Deduplication for Connector Index Jobs
Deduplication Constraints
Add Metadata to Documents
Check Index Status
IndexerGetStatus Status Codes
Tag Documents into Clusters
About Fields
Process Fields
Index Fields
Configure the Number Index Process
NumericDateType Fields
NumericType Fields
FieldCheckType Fields
ReferenceType Fields
Set up ReferenceType fields
Use KillDuplicates and Combine on ReferenceType fields
Highlight Fields
BitFieldType Fields
Edit Set Information after Indexing
Find Documents within a Set
Change Field Values
Language Support
IDOL Language Support Concepts
Run IDOL Server in Multiple Languages
Determine the Languages that are Enabled
Define Language Types
Associate Language Types with Documents
Documents that Contain a Language Type Field
Documents that Contain Field Data that can Identify Language
Add Language-Type Fields to Documents
Define a Default Language Type
Define a General Language
Enable Automatic Language Detection
Specify the Language Type of a Query
Convert Results to a Specific Encoding
Text Queries
Text-free Queries
Return Documents in Multiple Languages
Return Documents in a Specific Language
Create a Custom Stem File for a Language
Decompose Compound Words
Enable Transliteration for a Language
IDOL Server Operations
About Agents
Manipulate Agents
Create an Agent
Edit an Agent
Retrain an Agent
Copy an Agent
View an Agent’s Details
Delete an Agent
Query with Agents
Alert with Agents
Collaboration and Expertise with Agents
Introduction to Categorization
Create a Hierarchical Category Structure
Create Categories from Scratch
Create Categories from Clusters
Create Categories from Legacy Topic Sets
Create Categories by Copying Categories
Create Categories when you Generate a Taxonomy
Create Categories from XML
Train Categories
Retrain Categories
Move Categories
View and Administer Categories
View Category Details
View Category Hierarchy Details
View Category Terms and Weights
View Category Training
Change Category Fields
Reset Category Fields
Change Category Term Weights
Remove Category Term Weights
Replace Categories
Activate or Deactivate Categories
Build Categories
Delete Categories
Delete Category Training
Export Categories to XML
Synchronize IDOL Server with Stored Categories
Categorize Data
Suggest Categories
Suggest Categories for Documents
Suggest Categories for Text
Suggest Categories for Categories
Match Categories
Create Taxonomies
Generate Taxonomies Automatically
Create Named Taxonomies
Categorization Example
Binary Categories
About Binary Categories
Create and Administer Binary Categories
Create a Binary Category
Train a Binary Category
Delete Training From a Binary Category
Change Binary Category Details
View Binary Category Details
List a System’s Binary Categories
Delete a Binary Category
Query with Binary Categories
Binary Category Example
AgentBoolean Agents and Categories
AgentBoolean Agents and Categories
Configure IDOL server for Text Parse Queries
Create AgentBoolean Agents and Categories
Perform AgentBoolean Queries
Optimize AgentBoolean Matching
Configure AgentBoolean Cache Fields
Index a Dummy IDX
Customize Agent Content
Cluster Process
Generate Snapshots
Generate Spectrograph Data
Generate WhatsNew and WhatsHot Information
WhatsNew information
WhatsHot information
Generate a Cluster Map after You Cluster
Configure Clusters
Change the Number and Size of Clusters
Set up Schedules
About Profiles
Profile a User
Create an Interest Profile for a User
Create an Expertise Profile for a User
Manipulate Profiles
Edit a Profile
Query with a Profile
View Profile Details
Delete a Profile
Collaboration and Expertise with Profiles
Search and Retrieve
Conceptual Matches
Types of Matches
Example Queries
Keyword Search
Keyword Occurrence Search
Exact Keyword Search
Case-Sensitive Exact Keyword Search
Paragraph and Sentence Keyword Search
Keyword Search Examples
Phrase Search
Phrase Occurrence Search
Default Phrase Search
Exact Phrase Search
Case-Sensitive Exact Phrase Search
Phrase Search Examples
Boolean and Proximity Search
Boolean Search Operators
Proximity Search Operators
WHEN Search Operator
Precedence of Search Operators
Simple Field Restricted Search
Field Text Search
Field Text Query Guidelines
Field Specifiers for Common Restrictions
Field Specifiers for Advanced Restrictions
Field Specifiers to Bias Result Scores
Fuzzy Search
Fuzzy Query Syntax
Adjust the Tolerance Level of a Fuzzy Search
Parametric Search
Configure IDOL Server for Parametric Fields
Execute a Parametric Search
Proper Names Search
Enable Proper Names Searches
Example Proper Name Searches
Soundex Keyword Search
Enable Soundex Keyword Searches
Execute Soundex Keyword Searches
Synonym Search
Enable Synonym Searches
Set up an Additional Synonym IDOL Server
Verity Query Language Search
Convert other Query Types to VQL
Combine Different Search Types
Synonym and Boolean Searches
Synonym Search and Field Restrictions
Soundex and Proper Names Searches
Soundex and Boolean Searches
Soundex and Proximity Searches
Soundex Search and Field Restrictions
Exact Phrase and Boolean Searches
Exact Phrase and Proximity Searches
Exact Phrase Search and Field Restrictions
Boolean and Proximity Searches
Boolean Search and Field Restrictions
Proximity Searches and Field Restrictions
Wildcards in Queries
Wildcards in Query Text
Wildcards in Field Text Queries
Wildcard Searches in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Thai
Query for Nonalphanumeric Characters
Optimize Retrieval of Tagged Documents
Query Syntaxes
Customize Results
Change the Results Display
Set the Number of Results to Display
Change Result Sorting (Display Order)
Batch (Page) Results
Change the Field Display
Returned Fields
Display Additional Metafields
Display Document Fields
Use XSL Templates to Change Output Format
Enable the XSL Templates
Apply XSL Templates to Actions
Generate Summaries
Types of Summaries
Return Summaries with Query Results
Summarize Text or Documents
Cluster Results
Generate Hyperlinks
About Hyperlinks
Implement Hyperlinks
Provide Spell Correction
How Spell Correction Works
Spell Correction File
Automatic Query Guidance
About Automatic Query Guidance
Enable Automatic Query Guidance
About the QuerySummary Parameter
Generate Query Summaries (Dynamic Thesaurus)
About Query Summaries
Configure IDOL server to Generate Query Summaries
Execute an Action with the QuerySummary Parameter
Generate Dynamic Clusters
Configure IDOL server to Enable Dynamic Clusters
Execute an Action with the QuerySummary Parameter
Display Cluster Information
Display the Number of Documents a Dynamic Cluster Contains
Create a Cluster Map
Manipulate Result Relevance
Boost Relevance
Use a Field Process to Boost Relevance
Use the BIAS Field Specifier to Boost Relevance
Use Multipliers to Boost Relevance
Use the AutnRankType Field to Boost Relevance
Manipulate the Results Set
Combine Parameter
FieldCheck Parameter
Predict Parameter
Store and Retrieve the Result State
Store the Result State
Query with the State Token
Use a State Token with Index Commands
View Documents
About the View Service
Configure the View Service
Enable View to Access Documents
Configure View to Use a Proxy Server
Configure View to Highlight Terms
View Documents
View the Document Directly in the Web Browser
View the Latest Version of a Document
Highlight Terms
Specify Document Processing
View Document Information
View Templates
Apply a Template to a Document
Apply a Default Template to All Documents
Modify the HTML Output for Documents
Modify the HTML Output for PDF Files
Hide Graphics
Show Revised Content and Revision Information
Show Hidden Content
Administration and Maintenance
Set up Security
Set up Security on Documents
Set up an SSL Connection
Set up SSL between IDOL components
Set up SSL for Shared Communications
Set up SSL for Mailer
Set up SSL for Pre-indexing Tasks
Set up SSL for the View Component
Set up SSL for Communications to Remote Servers
Log SSL Settings
Add Users to IDOL Server
Create IDOL Users
Flat Structure
Hierarchical Structure
Integrate with a Third-Party User Structure
Implement User Account Security
Create User PIN Codes
Set User Name and Password Restrictions
Enable Password and PIN Code Time Restrictions
Set Maximum Login Attempts
Lock and Unlock User Accounts
Automatically E-mail Agent and Channel Results
Send Custom E-mails
Send E-mails in Batches
Mailer Templates
Edit Templates
Administer IDOL Server
Execute Configuration Changes
Delete and Restore Documents
Delete Documents by Reference
Delete Documents and Ranges of Documents
Restore Deleted Documents
Locate Duplicate Documents
Create and Delete Databases
Create a New Database
Delete a Database and All its Documents
Delete All Documents from a Database
Expire Documents
Set up a Field Process
Expire Immediately
Expire at Regular Intervals
Change Document Metadata
Change Document Field Values
Edit the Spelling Correction Cache
Compact the Data Index
Compact the Data Index Immediately
Compact the Data Index at Regular Intervals
Initialize the Data Index
Back up the IDOL Server
Back up Content
Back up the Entire IDOL Server Data Index
Export IDX Documents from IDOL Server
Export XML Documents from IDOL Server
Restore Content
Export Users, Roles, Agents, and Profiles
Import Users, Roles, Agents, and Profiles
Back up Categories, Taxonomies, and Cluster Jobs
Restore Categories, Taxonomies, and Cluster Jobs
Troubleshoot IDOL Server
IDOL Server Log Files
Set up Log Streams
IDOL Statistics Server
IDOL Server Configuration File
IDOL Server Configuration File
Modify Configuration Parameter Values
Configuration File Sections
[ACIEncryption] Section
[Agent] Section
[AgentDRE] Section
[AnalysisSchedules] Section
[Category] Section
[CatDRE] Section
[Cluster] Section
[Community] Section
[DAHEngines] Section
[DAHEngineN] Section
[DataDRE] Section
[Databases] Section
[DIHEngines] Section
[DIHEngineN] Section
[DistributionIDOLServers] Section
[DistributionSettings] Section
[DocumentTracking] Section
[DRE] Section
[FieldProcessing] Section
[IDOLServerN] Section
[IndexCache] Section
[IndexNotify] Section
[IndexServer] Section
[IndexTasks] Section
[LanguageTypes] Section
[License] Section
[Logging] Section
[MemoryCache] section
[MyProperty] Sections
[Paths] Section
[Profile] Section
[ProfileNamedAreas] Section
[Role] Section
[Schedule] Section
[SectionBreaking] Section
[Security] Section
[Server] Section
[Service] Section
[SSLOptionN] Section
[Summary] Section
[Synonym] Section
[Taxonomy] Section
[TermCache] Section
[User] Section
[UserCustom] Section
[UserSecurity] Section
[UserSecurityFields] Section
[Viewing] Section
Password Encryption
Autpassword Utility
Languages and Language Files
Supported Languages and Common Encodings
Supported Encodings
Per-Language TermSize Parameter
Per-Language Sentence-Breaking Files
Stop Word Lists for Supported Languages
Manually Create IDX Files
IDX Format
Section a Document
Category XML Format
XML Format
Example Category XML Files
Record Statistics with Statistics Server
About Statistics Server
Create XML Events
Configure Statistics Server Information
Define Statistical Criteria
Record and View Statistics
Record Statistics
View Statistical Results
Record Statistics from Multiple IDOL Servers
Preserve Data during Service Interruptions
Sample Files
Sample Configuration File
Sample XML Event Script
Configuration Parameter Reference
Statistics Server Parameters
Statistical Criteria Parameters
Action and Action Parameter Reference
GetStatus Action Response
GetStatus Action
IDOL Server GetStatus Response
Example IDOL Server GetStatus Response
Error Codes and Messages
Error Codes
Error Messages
VQL Conversion Error Messages
General Errors
Proximity Errors
Boolean Operator Errors
Field Restriction Errors
Word and Phrase Errors
Expression Errors