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The View service can apply templates when it converts documents to HTML, which alter the appearance of the returned document. These templates are text files with.INI extensions containing section names in square brackets and key=value pairs. For example:
There are a number of basic templates installed with IDOL server. By default, these are found in
If you move the templates folder, you must edit the value of the ViewingTemplatesPath configuration parameter in the [Paths] section of your IDOL server configuration file.
The following templates are provided:
This template is useful when you need to provide information to a mobile workforce that may not always have access to fast connections.
Similar to k2lowband.ini except that is saves vector graphics in a vector format to view using a Java applet.
Segments word processing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations into multiple files according to the document’s heading levels.
Creates two frames. The table of contents (based on source document heading levels and page breaks) appears in the left frame, and the HTML files appear in the right frame.
Inserts Previous and Next links at the end of each block.