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Configure View to Highlight Terms
You may need to add additional parameters into your configuration file to use View to highlight link terms in returned documents.
To configure View to highlight
Find the [Viewing] section.
These parameters determine where View sends Highlight actions. By default it uses the IDOL server. You must configure these parameters if you want to send Highlight actions to a different Content component, or if you use View in a Standalone configuration. For information on using standalone components, refer to the IDOL Getting Started Guide.
Set HighlightChunkSize to the maximum size (in bytes) of the chunks that View splits text into before highlighting. Enter –1 for an unlimited chunk size.
Set DefaultLanguageType to the language type that View uses for the link terms when highlighting. This parameter ensures that IDOL server stems the terms correctly when highlighting. You can override this parameter using the LanguageType parameter in the View action. See Highlight Expressions in Different Languages.
Set DefaultStartTag and DefaultEndTag to the default opening and closing HTML tags to use to highlight link terms.