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You must percent-encode all strings in Fieldtext.
You must distinguish punctuation such as commas and braces in IDOL query syntax from the same punctuation that may occur within strings. Use the following percent-encoding guidelines:
To distinguish between braces within strings from query syntax braces, percent-encode left ({) and right (}) braces twice, with %257B and %257D.
To distinguish between commas within strings from separator commas, percent-encode commas within strings twice (%252C).
Commas that separate multiple items, and braces that start and end lists must be left as regular punctuation. There must be no spaces before or after these commas.
Use the STRING field specifier to search for your entire query string including the nonalphanumeric characters in the appropriate field in IDOL server.
To search for Auto*:
To search for yahoo!:
To search for AT&T:
To search for “r-t
To search for “eat, drink and be merry
http://IDOLhost:port/action=Query&Text=eat, drink and be merry&FieldText=STRING{eat%2c drink and be merry}:DRECONTENT
To search for “politics [and] their effects”
http://IDOLhost:port/action=Query&Text=politics and their effects&FieldText=STRING{politics [and] their effects}:DRECONTENT
To search for “*NSYNC