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Wildcards in Query Text
You can use wildcards within a Query action's Text string.
You can use the Text action parameter to specify field restrictions for result documents, as long as the fields that you restrict results to are Index fields in IDOL server. If you match fields, you can use wildcards and match multiple fields simultaneously by separating them with colons.
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Example Wildcard Queries
The following examples demonstrate how to use wildcards in query text.
Example 1
This query returns documents that contain the term Mikrotech or Microtech.
Example 2
This query returns documents that contain a Name or Author field whose value matches the wildcard string Co*ins (for example, Collins) and documents that contain a Title field whose value matches the wildcard string Arm?dale (for example Armadale).
Example 3
Consider the following scenarios:
A. The IDOL server has two indexed documents. One document contains the word rollerskating, and the other contains the word rollerskaters (both of which stem to ROLLERSK).
B. The IDOL server has only one indexed document. It contains the word rollerskater (which also stems to ROLLERSK).
This query returns all documents containing any terms that stem to ROLLERSK. It returns both documents in situation A and the one document in situation B.
A wildcard query returns documents only if one or more matches to the wildcard term exist in the documents on the IDOL server. If the term matches, it is then stemmed and all occurrences of the stem (in any document) are also considered matches.
Therefore, this query returns both documents in situation A (because rollerskatin* matches rollerskating, and because it stems to ROLLERSK, which has matches in both documents). It does not return the document in situation B (because rollerskatin* does not match rollerskater).
Send the following query with AdvancedSearch=true:
This query returns documents that contain the wildcard term. However, because AdvancedSearch is enabled and the wildcard term is in quotes, the wildcard term is not stemmed and additional matches to its stem do not return.
Therefore, with this query, only the rollerskating document returns in situation A, and no document returns in situation B.