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Convert other Query Types to VQL
If you want to convert other types of query languages, such as an Internet search, into VQL, use the ParseQuery action and specify a script.
For example:
http://IDOLHost:port/action=ParseQuery&Query=red AND blue&Script=basic
This action uses the basic script to convert the query expression red AND blue and returns XML data, which contains this well formed VQL expression for the search terms red and blue:
The parsed VQL operators are in the <vql> section of the data.
Configure Query Parsing
You can configure query parsing to use several different combinations of parsing and stop scripts depending upon the type of results you want to return.
To enable query parsing, add the following parameters to the IDOL server configuration file:
The .iqp file containing the parsing options.
The .stp file used to specify words to skip while parsing.
NOTE All script and stop files are located in a \queryparser\ subdirectory in the IDOL installation directory.
By default, IDOL server includes four script files you can use to convert other query types to VQL. The script files are:
basic.iqp. Returns the title and location information from the document to boost relevancy rank. The relative simplicity of this script minimizes search time.
basicweb.iqp. Produces the same results as basic.iqp as well as summarization, keywords, and anchor text information. It can search documents with anchor text.
advanced.iqp. Produces the same results as basic.iqp as well as summarization, keywords and document formatting information. Documents are mostly What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) types.
advweb.iqp. Produces the same results as advanced.iqp as well as link analysis information to boost relevancy. Search targets are mostly HTML documents.
You can use stop files to complement the script file in each script definition. Stop files contain words that the query parser ignores when it processes a search query. Most commonly, stop files contain words that are too common or too ambiguous to be relevant, like and, or and the.
IDOL server includes qp_inet.stp, a pre-populated stop file containing a collection of common and ambiguous terms. You can modify this file to suit your needs, or create a custom .STP file that contains terms you want to ignore in a specific scenario.