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Configure IDOL Server for Parametric Fields
Before you execute parametric searches, configure IDOL server to recognize parametric fields.
NOTE You must configure parametric field recognition before you index the data that you want to search.
To configure IDOL server to recognize parametric fields
Open the IDOL server configuration file in a text editor.
In the [Server] section, set the ParametricRefinement parameter to true. (If the section does not contain this parameter, add it.)
NOTE If you want to define parametric fields or add extra parametric fields, but have already indexed content into IDOL server, also set RegenerateParametricIndex to true. This parameter allows IDOL server to generate the files it requires to internally identify parametric fields at start up, so that you need only to restart IDOL server to use parametric fields, rather than having to re-index all your data.
List a parametric field process in the [FieldProcessing] section. For example:
Create a section for each field process that you listed, in which you create a property for the process (a property is later defined by one or more applicable configuration parameters). Identify the fields that you want to associate with the process. For example:
NOTE The properties that you create must not have the same name as processes.
Create a section for the parametric property in which you set the ParametricType parameter to true. This property enables IDOL server to recognize the associated PropertyFieldCSVs fields as parametric fields. For example: