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Boolean Search Operators
The operators here allow you to manipulate a query by applying them to words, exact phrases or other Boolean expressions. IDOL server uses APCM (Adaptive Probabilistic Concept Modeling) to rank the results that match the Boolean query.
NOTE: NOT applies only to the term that immediately follows it. To exclude multiple terms, place them in brackets. To exclude a phrase, put the phrase in quotation marks and in brackets. For example:
Doc 1: I went to the city for the New Year
Doc 2: I went to New York City for the New Year
Binary operator. One or both terms must appear for the document to return. This is the default behavior if no explicit operator is given between two terms. For example:
Binary operator. Logical exclusive OR. Only one of the terms is permitted to appear for the document to return. This operator is rarely used. For example:
This query returns only documents that contain either the term cat or the term dog. Documents that contain both cat and dog do not return.
Bracketed expressions. These expressions are evaluated left to right and can be nested. They dictate the precedence and behavior of combined operator statements. For example:
fish and chips
fish and mash
pie and chips
pie and mash