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Use the AutnRankType Field to Boost Relevance
Each document that is stored in IDOL server is given an AutnRank value which indicates the importance of the document. By default IDOL server ignores this value and it gives all documents an AutnRank value of 0.
You can boost the relevance of documents according to how important they are to you by creating a field in the documents that indicates their importance, and instructing IDOL server to read the AutnRank value from this field. If two documents match a query equally well, the one that has the higher value in this field returns with a higher relevance rating.
To boost results according to their AutnRank value
In the configuration file [Server] section, set AutnRank to true.
This instructs IDOL server to take a document's AutnRank value into account when it calculates the relevance the document is given if it returns as a result.
In the [FieldProcessing] section, set up a ranking process. This process allows IDOL server to identify which field in a document contains its AutnRank Value.
For example:
Create a section for the ranking process that you listed, in which you create a property for the process. Identify the field that you want to associate with the process (when identifying the field, use the format /FieldName to match root-level fields, */FieldName to match all fields except root-level, or /Path/FieldName to match fields that the specified path points to).
For example:
In this example IDOL server reads a document’s AutnRank value from its AUTNRANK field.