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Configure IDOL server to Generate Query Summaries
Use the following procedure to enable query summary generation.
To configure IDOL server to generate query summaries
In the [Server] section, set these parameters:
Enter the number of query summaries to return when you execute an action that includes the QuerySummary parameter.
For example, if you enter 5, IDOL server identifies the five top phrases or terms that the result documents contain, and returns them in a comma-separated list. If IDOL server cannot find your requested number of relevant phrases or terms, it returns fewer.
Set this parameter to true to use an advanced algorithm to generate the specified QuerySummaryLength number of query summaries. This algorithm clusters the results and uses the phrases of the top clusters as query summaries. While this process produces better query summaries, it is more system intensive.
Specify false if you want query summaries without first clustering the results.
If you set QuerySummaryAdvanced to true, QuerySummaryTerms allows you to specify the number of terms that the algorithm uses to generate the query summaries (a sensible value might be 50–500). If you enter 0, it uses the specified value of TermsPerDoc, which in turn defaults to 50.