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Enable Automatic Query Guidance
Use the following procedure to enable automatic query guidance.
To configure IDOL server to generate query summaries
In the [Server] section, configure these parameters:
Enter true to enable the advanced algorithm that IDOL server requires to provide query guidance. This algorithm clusters the query results best terms and phrases, and uses the phrases of the top clusters as query summaries. The default value is false.
Enter the number of cluster phrases to generate. To provide good query guidance phrases, enter a number that is large enough to allow IDOL server to generate good quality clusters. However, setting QuerySummaryLength too high may slow the query performance (a sensible maximum value may be 25–100). The default value is 10.
Specify the number of terms that the algorithm for QuerySummaryLength can use to generate the query summaries (a sensible value may be 50–500). The default value is 0. In this case, it uses the specified TermsPerDoc number, which in turn defaults to 50.