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Spell Correction File
If IDOL server has performed spell checking, it generates a prx.db spelling correction file in its IDOL > content > main directory when it is shut down. The spelling correction file stores the corrections you make.
For example:
If you execute this action, IDOL server returns the obvious correction and a corrected version of the query text.
After IDOL server stops, it creates the prx.db spelling correction file that contains the corrections it has made in a human readable form. For example:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?><PROXIMALS>
You can add further corrections to the file or amend any existing ones. Any changes that you are making are picked up when you start IDOL server again.
You can exempt words from being spell checked by entering them and omitting the corrected attribute, for example:
NOTE Any changes that you make to the prx.db file must be valid XML, otherwise they are ignored.
NOTE You can use the SpellCheckCacheMaxSize setting in the configuration file [Server] section to increase the number of spelling corrections that the cache and the prx.db file can store.
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