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Return Summaries with Query Results
Use this procedure to return summaries with query results.
To generate summaries for query results
Send a Query, Suggest or SuggestOnText action to IDOL server that includes the Summary parameter. Set the Summary parameter to the type of summary that you want to return for results (Concept, Context, Quick, ParagraphConcept or ParagraphContext). For example:
http://IDOLhost:port/action=Query&Text=Undulant fever&Summary=Concept
Each result of this query returns with a conceptual summary.
Optionally make these settings in the IDOL server configuration file, depending on which type of summary you want to generate:
For Concept, Context or Quick summaries. Use the SourceType property to specify the fields to generate the summary from.
For Concept or Context summaries. In the [Summary] section, set the MinWordsPerSentence parameter to the minimum number of words that a sentence must contain to consider it as a sentence for the summary.
For Context summaries. In the [Server] section, set the ContextSummaryQueryTermWeight parameter to the weight that it must use for the terms in user queries. The context summary gives this weight to sentences that contain terms in common with the query text. The other terms are given their APCM weight.
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NOTE If you remove fields from the Source fields list, you must first perform a DREINITAL and then re-index the content into the IDOL server. You cannot remove source fields after you index the data.