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Set up Failover IndexTasks
Use the following procedure to set up a failover Index Tasks component.
To set up failover IndexTasks
Open the IDOL server configuration file in a text editor.
In the [IndexTasks] configuration section, set the FailoverOptions configuration parameter to the name of the configuration section where you specify failover options. For example:
Add a new section for failover options. The name of this section must be unique and the same as the name that you set in the FailoverOptions configuration parameter. For example:
Set the IDOLServers parameter to a comma separated list of IP addresses or hostnames and ACI port numbers for the failover IDOL servers. Each host and port must be in the form Host:Port. For example:
Set the MaxRetries parameter to the maximum number of times that the document is sent between servers. For example:
Set the FailedPath parameter to the path to use to save documents if no failover IDOL server can be contacted. For example:
Save the IDOL server configuration file and restart IDOL server for your configuration changes to take effect.
Ensure that the IDOL servers that you configured for failover have exactly the same pre-indexing task configuration as the primary IDOL server.
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In the following example, IDOL server is configured to fail over to two other IDOL servers, which are both located on the same machine.
If a task fails on the first IDOL server it passes to the IDOL server with ACI port 9100 on the local machine. It adds the StartTask action parameter to the Index action that it forwards, to specify the task that the second IDOL server executes first.
If the IDOL server on port 9100 is not operating, the action passes to the IDOL server on ACI port 9200.
The Index action is forwarded a maximum of four times.