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Enable Transliteration for a Language
Transliteration is the process of converting accented characters such as øù into equivalent non accented characters. This process is useful in environments where accented keyboards are not available.
You can enable transliteration for all languages by setting the GenericTransliteration parameter to True. To set transliteration for individual languages, set the Transliteration parameter to True in the [MyLanguage] section for the language.
IDOL server always applies transliteration to these languages:
Transliteration is optional for these languages:
Western European
àáâãä=a    å=aa    ç=c
èéêë=e    ìíîï=i    òóôõö=o
ø=oe    ùúûü=u    œ(oe)=oe
æ=ae    ß=ss    ñ=nh
ý=y    ð=d    þ=th
ä=ae    ö=oe    ü=ue
ä=ae    ö=oe    ü=ue
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