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Text Queries
When you send a query action to IDOL server, by default it returns results that use the same language and encoding as the query text. This language type can be:
the language and encoding specified in the LanguageType parameter sent with the query.
The language type specified DefaultLanguageType configuration parameter if the query does not include a LanguageType parameter.
To return query results in a specific encoding, add the OutputEncoding parameter to your query action. This parameter converts the results of a query to any type of encoding that is compatible with the query language. If you specify an encoding that is not compatible with the query language, IDOL server returns an appropriate message.
You can specify a default value for the OutputEncoding parameter in the DefaultEncoding configuration parameter.
For example: i Neurochirurgia&LanguageType=PolishEASTERNEUROPEAN&OutputEncoding=EASTERNEUROPEAN_ISO
In this example, IDOL server converts all query results to EASTERNEUROPEAN_ISO.
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