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Send Custom E-mails
You can configure IDOL server to send an e-mail containing details of a specific single document to a user.
If you already added a custom section to automatically e-mail results to users, the same settings enable the sending of custom e-mails. If you are using this existing section, ensure that you specify the template to use for custom e-mails with EmailActionXSLTemplate. Continue with Step 7.
If you want IDOL server to send custom e-mails without enabling automatic agent and channel results e-mailing, specify a new custom section. Continue with Step 2.
NOTE For details of configuration parameters, refer to the IDOL server Online Help.
In your new section, set Library to AutonomyDir/idol/IDOLServer/serviceAlias/modules/user_email to enable the mailing operation.
If you are using a proxy server, specify the ProxyHost, ProxyPort, your ProxyUsername and your ProxyPassword.
Use SMTPHost and SMTPPort to specify the details of your mail server.
Send a Custom action to IDOL server:
Set Function to email
Set Library to the name of the custom section in the IDOL server configuration file that sets up the mailing operation.
Refer to the IDOL server Online Help for details on the Custom action.
The mailing operation uses the template you specified with EmailActionXSLTemplate to create the e-mail that it sends to the specified user.
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