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Automatically E-mail Agent and Channel Results
You can configure IDOL server to automatically e-mail users the results that their agents and channels produce. You can schedule the e-mailing of agent and channel results and optionally store lists of sent results to prevent the duplication of e-mail.
To set up automatic e-mail of agent and channel results
Open the IDOL server configuration file in a text editor, and find the [UserCustom] section. This section lists all the custom processes that IDOL server executes.
Check whether the [UserCustom] section lists a section for e-mailing. If it does not, add one. For example:
In your new section, set Library to AutonomyDir/idol/IDOLServer/serviceAlias/modules/user_email. Set RunMailer to true and DefaultSendEmail to true to enable the IDOL server mailing operation.
Specify a TestUser. While you are configuring mailing, IDOL server sends all mail to the TestUser e-mail address.
If you are using a proxy server, specify the ProxyHost, ProxyPort, your ProxyUsername and your ProxyPassword.
Use SMTPHost and SMTPPort to specify the details of your mail server.
Use Cycles and Interval to determine how many times the mailing operation must run and the time span that you want to elapse between the sending of e-mail. Set StartTime to now, so you can test the mailing operation immediately when you start IDOL server.
Set Retries to the number of times that IDOL server attempts to connect to its agent index before it times out. Set TimeoutMS to how long each of these attempts can take.
Use From, FromHost and FromName to set the details to display as the sender of e-mail that the mailing operation sends. You can also use FromField and FromNameField to specify a user field that contains the sender details.
Specify the DefaultSubject to display as the mail subject line.
Use XSLTemplate to specify the template to use for the e-mail. The DefaultEmailFormat and DefaultEmailResultsType settings allow you to specify the e-mail format and whether results send individually or in sets.
Set DefaultAddSetToReadDocuments to true to automatically add the documents in the e-mail to the list of documents that the user has viewed. Set DefaultExcludeReadDocuments to true to exclude documents that the user has recently viewed from the e-mail (so they receive each result only once).
You must set DreTemplateReferenceStart and DreTemplateReferenceEnd to ensure that IDOL server can extract document references and determine if they were viewed.
ClassificationServerXSLTemplate. The template to use to display channel results.
ClassificationServerNumResults. The maximum number of channel results to include in the e-mail.
ClassificationServerThreshold. The quality of channel results to include in the e-mail.
ClassificationServerParams. Parameters that must be included in the channels query that the mailing operation sends to the IDOL server category index.
ClassificationServerValues. The values of the specified ClassificationServerParams parameters.
ClassificationServerRetries. The number of times that the mailing operation attempts to connect to the IDOL server category index.
ClassificationServerTimeout. Specifies how long each of the ClassificationServerRetries can take, before the mailing operation times out.
NOTE Users receive channel results only for categories that they subscribe to. You can subscribe a user to one or more categories by sending a UserEdit action to IDOL server. Use the CategorySubscribe action parameter to specify the categories whose results you want to mail to the user. (You can unsubscribe a user by using a UserEdit action with the CategoryUnsubscribe action parameter set to the categories whose results must no longer mail to the user).
NOTE To include channel results from another IDOL server installation in the e-mails that the mailing operation sends, use ClassificationServerHost and ClassificationServerPort to specify the location of that IDOL server.
To minimize the impact that the mailing operation has on your system resources, you can set SleepBetweenRequests and MaxEmailsPerUser to values that are appropriate for your environment.
Save the IDOL server configuration file and restart IDOL server. The mailing operation starts immediately because you set StartTime to now. It sends mail to the TestUser address you specified. Ensure that the mail process works smoothly.
Make any adjustments to your settings that you need, then save the configuration file again and restart IDOL server. You can enable VerboseLogging if you experience problems with the mailing operation.
When you are satisfied with the mailing operation:
Delete the e-mail address you specified for TestUser and set StartTime to the time when you want the mailing operation to start.
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