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Check Index Status

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You can check whether the indexing of data into IDOL server is successful by entering the following URL into your Web browser:
is the IDOL server ACI port (the Port value specified in the[Server] section of IDOL server configuration file).
The IndexerGetStatus action displays the status of IDOL server's index queue.
IndexerGetStatus Example
An IndexerGetStatus action is sent to IDOL server following a DREADD index action. IDOL server returns the following output:
    <received_time>2008/10/22 11:30:13</received_time>
    <start_time>2008/10/22 11:30:14</start_time>
    <end_time>2008/10/22 11:32:14</end_time>
The description of the <status> number.
The range of docIDs of documents that were processed during the index job.
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