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Index Nonalphanumeric Characters for Retrieval
To ensure a nonalphanumeric character is available for querying, specify it in the TangibleCharacters configuration parameter.
For example, if TangibleCharacters=?!:
It does not match documents containing the same word without the exclamation mark.
To ensure that IDOL server indexes numbers with decimals or commas together as a single term for querying, specify both in NumberPunctuation configuration parameter.
IDOL server treats characters set as NumberPunctuation as TangibleCharacters when they occur in terms with a number on both sides.
For example, if NumberPunctuation=.,:
If a period (.) is not a separator: 25R
If a period (.) is also a separator, TangibleCharacters takes precedence: 25.R
NOTE These results may vary depending on your IndexNumbers configuration parameter setting.
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