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The following parameters are available for the DREADDDATA index action:
The content of the IDX or XML document to index. You can use gzipped data. You must add #DREENDDATA to the end of your data. It must be uncompressed.
The DREADDDATA action accepts the same optional parameters as the DREADD action, except for KillDuplicatesOption.
Note: The DREDBName parameter, which is required for DREADD, is an optional parameter for DREADDDATA.
This optional parameter is equivalent to the killDuplicates parameter for DREADD, except it does not use the “killDuplicates=Option” syntax.
These option values are available and are directly appended to the #DREENDDATA tag that ends the Data parameter (for example, #DREENDDATAREFERENCE):
NOOP (this is available for DREADDDATA only)
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NOTE Parameters set in the DREADDDATA action override any equivalent settings specified in the IDOL server configuration file.