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NumericDateType Fields
You can configure IDOL server to identify fields that contain dates. When these fields are indexed, IDOL server stores them in a fast look-up table in memory, so it can quickly return the fields.
NOTE A field cannot be configured as NumericDateType and MatchType concurrently.
IDOL server converts dates to numerical values (epoch seconds) and identifies the fields that contain the numerical date values.
To set up memory mapping for NumericDateType fields
Create a section for each process you listed, and in each section, create a property for the process (a property is later defined by one or more applicable configuration parameters). Identify the fields you want to associate with the process.
NOTE The properties you create must not have the same name as the processes.
For example:
Create a section for the property in which you set the NumericDateType parameter to true. This enables IDOL server to memory map the associated PropertyFieldCSVs fields, and identify them as fields that contain date values. For example:
If you now send a query for a specific value that is stored in the BIRTHDAY field, IDOL server memory maps the range that this value is in, so it can return results more quickly next time a value that lies in this range is queried.
For example:{01/01/1980,31/12/1980}:BIRTHDAY
A document's BIRTHDAY field must contain a numerical date value that is between 01/01/1980 and 31/12/1980 for this document to be returned.