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Configure the Number Index Process
You can configure IDOL server to index numeric and alphanumeric fields in a number of ways using the configuration parameter IndexNumbers. Enter one of these to specify how IDOL server treats numbers:
All numbers are indexed (irrespective of whether they appear on their own or as part of a word).
To restrict this to a narrower set of data, use the field processing property IndexNumbersType. Create an IndexNumbersFields section and specify which fields qualify. You can limit only terms that are indexed within the field property.
For example:
This means IDOL indexes the numeric terms in */MYFIELD that satisfy IndexNumbers=2 (non-numeric and mixed-alphanumeric), whereas all other fields index with IndexNumbers=1 (all numeric terms).
NOTE If the IndexNumbers configuration parameter is not specified in a property section, its default is 0.
Also, the indexing of numeric or mixed-alphanumeric terms can be limited by the length of the term.
For example:
This means that fields with this property have all numbers indexed, assuming the language has indexnumbers=1 configured, except for pure numeric terms longer than five characters, which are not indexed. Alphanumeric terms longer than six characters are also not indexed.