IDOL Server Operations > Cluster Process > Generate Spectrograph Data

Generate Spectrograph Data
The ClusterSGDataGen action allows you to generate spectrograph data from a set of snapshots that you took using the ClusterSnapshot action.
Each spectrograph data set takes a succession of clusters from different time periods, calculates cluster similarity measures across days, and applies a graph theoretic matching algorithm. IDOL server makes calculations about the conceptual spread of a cluster and its general quality. The spectrograph uses lines to represent the size (number of documents in a cluster) and quality of a cluster. The brighter a spectrograph line is, the more documents the cluster contains, and the thicker the line is, the higher the cluster quality.
All spectrograph data sets that you generate are stored in the Sgdata subdirectory of the Cluster directory in your IDOL server installation directory.
You can set up a schedule that executes the ClusterSGDataGen action in regular intervals.
You can retrieve the spectrograph image, data or documents using the ClusterSGPicServe, ClusterSGDataServe and ClusterSGDocsServe actions, which the Spectrograph applet executes.
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