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Generate Snapshots
To cluster information, take a snapshot of data that IDOL server stores. You can then automatically cluster data within this snapshot (this does not require the setup of an initial taxonomy).
IDOL server takes a snapshot of the data it stores and, based on these snapshots, clusters related information together. Each cluster represents a concept area that contains a set of items, which share common properties.
The ClusterSnapshot action allows you to take a snapshot of the data stored in the IDOL server data index. By default this includes data for the IDOL server databases News and Archive. A snapshot represents the content of the data index at a particular time, and enables you to generate cluster information and spectrographs at a later point, even if the data index has changed. You can use a single snapshot to generate both cluster information and spectrograph data to save process time.
It time-stamps each snapshot (with the AUTNDATE) and stores it in binary.CLS format in the Snapshots subdirectory of the Cluster directory in your IDOL server installation directory. This process allows you to have several snapshots with the same name (for example, of one particular IDOL server) and snapshots with different names (for example, of different data sets).
The results of ClusterSnapshot are saved as a named snapshot job. You can specify that job name when taking other actions on the snapshot data. You can also set up a schedule that executes the ClusterSnapshot action in regular intervals.
NOTE The IDOL server data index that you take a snapshot of must ideally contain at least several thousand documents with good quality content (that is relevant text for various topics).
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