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Create Categories from Scratch
You can create categories from scratch.
To create categories from scratch
Create the category using the CategoryCreate action. For example:
From this action, IDOL server creates the Botanics category with an ID of 1. The new category is a child of the root category, which has the ID 0. Categories that you create from scratch are by default stored as child categories of the root category. However, you can specify an alternative parent category when you create a category. The Category parameter is optional. If you do not specify an ID, the system automatically generates a random ID.
IDOL server returns an ID for the category it creates. You can use this ID to identify the category, for example, to add a child category to it:
In this example, IDOL server creates the Perennials category. The new category is a child of the category with the ID 1 (in this case, the Botanics category).
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