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Use a Unified Configuration
If you use the Distributed Action Handler (DAH) and Distributed Index Handler (DIH), you can install and operate these components either as standalone components or integrated with IDOL in a unified configuration.
In a standalone component setup, you configure DIH and DAH separately to other IDOL components, using the DIH.cfg and DAH.cfg configuration files. In a unified setup, you install DIH and DAH as part of an IDOL server and set the configuration options in the IDOLserver.cfg configuration file.
For more detail about unified and component setups, refer to the IDOL Getting Started Guide.
When you use the DAH and DIH in a unified IDOL configuration, you add the parameters that normally appear in the component configuration files into the IDOLserver.cfg file.
Enter all configuration options that normally appear in the [Server] section of the DAH or DIH configuration files into the [DistributionSettings] section of the IDOLserver.cfg file.
Add all other sections directly to the IDOL server configuration file from the DAH or DIH configuration files without changing the section or parameter names.
Refer to the Distributed Action Handler (DAH) Administration Guide and Distributed Index Handler (DIH) Administration Guide for more information.