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The Event action sends XML events as URL-encoded text strings to the ACI port instead of as XML files to the Event port. This option can be useful if the front-end application uses the IDOL ACI API or something similar.
NOTE To use Event, you must enable the ActionEvent configuration parameter. See ActionEvent.
The Event action supports the following parameters.
Specify the URL-encoded XML string.
where encoded_string is the XML event in the form of a URL-encoded text string.
If the Data string is encoded in Base64 and is compressed with zlib, InflateBytes indicates the original size of the string. This value must be specified by the application that compressed the data.
action=event&data=<?xml version='1.0' encoding='ISO-8859-1'?><events><queryinfo><ver>0.1</ver><url><![CDATA[action=query&spellcheck=true&highlight=summaryterms]]></url><action>query</action><terms><term>This</term></terms><terms><term>is</term></terms><terms><term>an</term></terms><terms><term>event</term></terms><terms><term>test.</term></terms><numhits>12</numhits><ip></ip><timestamp>1200398400</timestamp><idolname>myIDOL</idolname></queryinfo></events>