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Preserve Data during Service Interruptions
Safe mode preserves unreported statistics in case the Statistics server unexpectedly shuts down or stops responding. Each statistic has a configured time period that determines how often the statistical data is recorded into the report file. If Statistics server stops responding during the interval, the intermediate data is usually lost. Safe mode preserves this data.
To enable safe mode, set SafeModeActivated=true in the Statistics server configuration file. The amount of data preserved during safe mode depends on the most frequently recorded statistic’s time period: intermediate data is stored temporarily after every tenth of an interval. For example, if the most frequent statistic has a Period value of one hour, intermediate data for all statistics is stored every six minutes. If Statistics server shuts down unexpectedly, all information up to the most recent of these intermediate intervals is preserved.
When you restart Statistics server, it resumes from the end of the most recent intermediate interval. For example, if the most frequent statistic Period is one hour and the Statistics server shuts down at 34 minutes, it resumes recording information from the 30-minute mark when it is restarted; all data received between 30 and 34 minutes is lost.
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