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Index a Dummy IDX
If your AgentBoolean expressions contain field restrictions, you must index a dummy IDX document to ensure that IDOL server contains all the fields that you use for field restrictions in your agents and categories.
For example, if your agents and categories contain the FieldText expression dog:Animal10, ensure that IDOL server contains the Animal10 field to optimize restrictions.
A dummy IDX document contains all fields that you use in field restrictions with empty values. For example, create a copy of your alert documents, and remove the values from each field. For example:
#DREREFERENCE dummy document
#DRETITLE DummyDocument
#DREFIELD Animal10=""
#DREFIELD Animal11=""
To ensure that IDOL server does not subsequently return the dummy document in queries, index it into the Deactivated Agentstore database. You can delete the document after indexing.
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